Corporate Overview

As of January 2002:

  • Established 1998
  • $39M in funding
  • Berkeley Capital
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Intel Capital
  • 14 patents pending with 4 granted
  • Strong design team
  • Extensive software and hardware development

Fast-Chip, Inc.
950 Kifer Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
D 408 523.8050
F 408 523.8051

Our Mission

…To be the premier provider of fast data path network processing solutions to enable the delivery of Premium Billable Services throughout the network

Fast-Chip is a fabless semiconductor company delivering communication ICs to network equipment OEMs that enable the deployment of premium, billable services across the network. Fast-Chip’s high performance PolicyEdge™ Services Processor creates significant value by offering:

  • Rich services with no compromise deterministic performance
  • Granular multi-port aggregation processing for thousands of T1 / DS1 Interfaces
  • A single chip solution providing higher port density and reduced cost, board area & power
  • Faster Time-To-Market with simple, yet powerful Database programming model
  • Increased Time-In-Market due to flexible, protocol agnostic, field programmable device
  • ASIC, NPU and CPU friendly for box, blade and line card implementations
Fast-Chip's founders spent two years defining products and building an intellectual property framework that leverages their in-depth knowledge of network equipment system software and hardware architectures with ground-breaking solutions.

Fast-Chip embeds its innovative solutions into silicon, Service in Silicon™, to create revolutionary products that shatter network bottlenecks and deliver unprecedented feature-enabling performance.

The PolicyEdge™ Services Processor, Fast-Chip’s premier product, is the first commercial IC that provides multi-port, multi-protocol classification, editing, and statistics collection for 40 byte packets at 10 gigabit per second wire rate. This level of service capability with no compromise performance enables robust multi-port aggregation as well as clear channel support up to OC-192/10GE with unprecedented headroom for revenue-generating services.

Fast-Chip’s products can be used to create a wide range of next generation products, providing intelligent processing throughout the network including:

  • Multi-Service Switches
  • Metro Switches
  • Content Switches
  • Stateful Firewalls
  • Network Probes
  • Enterprise Routers
  • Multi-Protocol Routers
  • LSR and LER IP Routers
  • DSLARs
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Bandwidth Managers

Fast-Chip provides development systems to support designs from 1 G Ethernet through OC-192c and provides immediate software access to PolicyEdge™. A full range of software tools compliment the hardware, including a C-simulator and MPLS applications. Fast-Chip also works closely with third party software vendors to deliver advanced routing features, which are modular and commercially available.