Development Platforms

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  • Software Developers’Kit:
  • PolicySim
  • PolicyGen
  • PolicyTrans
  • Sample MPLS application
  • PolicySim™ full function, Multi-Platform Simulator
  • VxWorks™
  • Linux™
  • Solaris™
  • Database Expander Simulators:
  • PolicyExpandTM
  • RouteExpandTM
  • Development Platform
  • VxWorks BSP
  • PolicyEdge Device Drivers
  • Software Developers Kit
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Octal 10/100 Ethernet Interface

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The PolicyEdge Services Processor is supported by a full array of powerful software development tools:

  • PolicySim™, full PolicyEdge functionality, multi-platform simulator
  • PolicyGen™, Packet Generation & Encapsulation API
  • PolicyTrans™, Access Control List Translation application
  • 1 GE Development Platform, including PMC-Sierra and Vitesse network processing silicon
  • C Source Code (Device Driver, PolicyGen, PolicyTrans sample applications, and diagnostic programs)

PolicySim, PolicyEdge C Language Simulator
The PolicyEdge simulator provides a software model of the Fast-Chip PolicyEdge chip. The software model, functioning on VxWorks, Linux, or Solaris, provides full chip set functionality, performance, and utilization summary information.

PolicyGen, Packet Generation API
PolicyGen enables the generation of Management Packets for PolicyEdge configuration and status, or network packets to provide traffic for the PolicyEdge.

PolicyGen contains all the elements required to build Management Packets plus a set of network protocol templates including: MPLS, IP, UDP, and TCP.

PolicyTrans, Access Control List (ACL) Processing
PolicyEdge provides full support for ACL processing. PolicyTrans translates standard format ACLs into PolicyEdge equivalent database trees. Even large ACLs convert to fast deterministic trees within PolicyEdge.

Gigabit Ethernet Development Platform
The PolicyEdge 1 GE Development Platform harnesses the power and performance of the PolicyEdge Services Processor, the Vitesse PRISM IQ2000™ and the PMC-Sierra RM7000A™.

The Platform supports a Gigabit Ethernet and octal 10/100 auto-sensing Ethernet Ports.

Within the development platform:

  • Data flows directly into the Vitesse PRISM network processor for packet editing and traffic management functions.
  • PolicyEdge device performs: Deep Packet Inspection Statistics collection Policing
  • The RM7000A controls platform operations.


  • 1 G Ethernet


  • Eight 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 1 G Ethernet

Part Number

  • FC1000