Solutions & Applications

Industry standard interfaces supporting:

WAN port speeds
  • OC-192, OC-192c
  • 4 x OC-48
  • 16 x OC-12
  • 64 x OC-3
    LAN port speeds
  • 10 GE
  • 10 x 1 GE
  • 100 x FE
    700 million packet operations per second—sustained
    Layer 2-7 packet classification
    Flow-through architecture
    Embedded classification database with on-the-fly update capability
    Fully user configurable
    Multiple data field checks per packet, in any order—not limited to packet byte order
    Full Packet Tagging:
    Field insertion, deletion, or overwrite, anywhere within a packet
    Full support for MPLS based PUSH/POP/SWAP and DECREMENT Time-To-Live (TTL)
    Scalable policy depth and complexity
    Stateful inspection with Control and Session Plane Processor
    Programmable, protocol-independent description of policies
    Extensively configurable statistics, timers, and filter processing
    Rapid modification of Policy Database
    Multiple Policy Databases in a single chip
    Silicon Application Programming Interface (SAPI) to Policy Database (does not require a rule compiler)
    Denial of Service (DoS) hardening
    Provides statistical drivers for bandwidth management—Committed Access Rates (CAR) for Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Using a unique combination of innovative, full-custom, hardware and software solutions, PolicyEdge supplies Network Providers with a comprehensive and versatile board-ready solution for immediate implementation of the most in-demand network fast path services:

  • Multi-Service Switches
  • Metro Switches
  • Content Switches
  • Stateful Firewalls
  • Network Probes
  • Enterprise Routers
  • Multi-Protocol Routers
  • LSR and LER IP Routers
  • DSLARs
  • Wireless Base Station
  • Bandwidth Managers
  • Fast Firewalls
PolicyEdge in Fast Data Path
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The PolicyEdge Services Processor is a key, fully-configurable component of the Fast Data Path that:

  • Receives and buffers incoming Network Packets
  • Classifies the packets according to user-defined rules stored in its on-chip Policy Database
  • Edits packets for downstream silicon (ie. ASIC or traffic manager)
  • Collects statistics and implements filters

The inherent ability of PolicyEdge to provide full classification, editing, and statistics support at wire speed allows the next component in the fast data path to directly modify or queue the packet.

The PolicyEdge is capable of editing the packet up to eight times at wire rate, immediately identifing the packet to subsequent functions in the data path. During packet inspection, PolicyEdge gathers statistical information about the data traffic and provides user-defined messages based on statistical information.

MPLS, QoS, and PBS Applications
PolicyEdge supports Label Edge Routers (LER) and Label Switched Routers (LSR). This support enables network providers to offer varied and quickly updateable Differentiated Services (DiffServe), such as Quality of Service and Premium Billable Services.

The flexible architecture and high performance of PolicyEdge makes it a key component in OC-192 LER and LSR applications. Functions such as header encapsulation, PUSHing/POPping/SWAPping of label fields, and DECREMENTing the Time-To-Live (TTL) field are handled by the PolicyEdge at the OC-192 wire rate. Used in conjunction with a queuing and scheduling engine, PolicyEdge provides a total solution for an OC-192 LSR data path. Used in an LSR, PolicyEdge can:

  • Process different encapsulations
  • Manipulate the Label Stack
  • Test for Bottom of Stack
  • Perform explicit label identification and processing
  • Process the TTL field
  • Evaluate QoS information to enable DiffServ
Access Contol List (ACL) Processing

PolicyEdge provides full support for ACL processing up to OC-192 or 10GE. Fast-Chip’s exclusive PolicyTrans™ software translates standard format ACLs into PolicyEdge equivalent Database Trees. Even large ACLs convert to fast deterministic trees within PolicyEdge. By enabling PolicyEdge’s statistics engine, Committed Access Rate processing can also be performed and by combining the PolicyEdge Classification Processor and PolicyTrans software, Fast-Chip provides the fastest possible implementation of standard ACLs.

Multiple Service Platforms
The PolicyEdge is protocol and processor agnostic, making it an ideal choice for Multiple Service Platforms. Customers targeting the ability to provide premium billable services such as MPLS, VPNs, DiffServ, and Virtual Routers, can quickly configure PolicyEdge to automatically process mixed encapsulations across multiple protocols. Packets are processed by the appropriate decision tree without intervention from the control plane processor. Flexible packet processing, combined with glueless support of industry standard packet interfaces, make PolicyEdge the perfect choice to support multi-rate and multi-protocol applications.